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From vintage guitars and amplifiers to the latest touchscreen mixing technology of the reknown Slate Raven console, the studio is designed to explore limitless musical creativity. It starts with an array tweed and blackface amps of the 50s & 60s and goes all the way into the futuristic music technology world of A3E.
(The Advanced Audio & Applications Exchange)
Fender, Gibson, Status, Zon, Genz Benz, Bergantino, Duesenberg, Steinberger, Godin, Martin, Santa Cruz, Roland, Korg, Open Labs, Focusrite, Access, Genelec Monitors, AxeFX, Line 6, Earthquaker Devices, Strymon, JHS, Electro Harmonix, Future Impact, Sonuus, TriplePlay and Roland GR55 equiped MIDI guitars and basses, hundreds of high end soft synths, apps, plug ins, & more.
For a complete list of equipment and to schedule a time to visit, please email me through the contact page. 
My passion for music technology began at age 10, and led to a very blessed career in production. I learned my craft from working every day with world renowned producers, engineers, and artists during my tenure in New York City, followed by 15 years of producing music for the top directors and executives in Hollywood and producing large scale music events including the presidential inauguration in DC. I have enjoyed every day across the full spectrum of creative projects, fascinating collaborations, and high pressure situations. 
Beyond the studio and stage, I have a tremendous background in the business of music. I have a deep understanding of publishing and music licensing, as well as creative music supervision. 
I have built lucrative music companies from the ground up, and led large creative teams on high profile projects with short timetables and challenging budgets. 
Whether you need world class synth and drum programming, a classic arrangement, a complete underscore for your film, the perfect mix, or guidance from a producer in order to monetize your music through television placements, I look forward to working together. 
A classic Chicago artist once said to me after a mix session: "the reason you're so good at this is because you love to make people happy." 
He was absolutely right, and his words have stayed with me to this day. I realized it was the rush of seeing an artist acheive complete creative satisfaction that fuels my perfectionism.  The results he got that day led to a #1 single on the Billboard Dance Charts and we worked together for many years to follow. 
I will be offering special rates for songwriters and artists interested in having your music produced for film and television placements, Please contact me through the INFORMATION REQUEST FORM and I will listen to your material and offer a consultation to discuss the music and the program.